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Inspired by a love and passion for creating and capturing moments you never want to forget, Chelsea Celeste Design is not only here to create beautiful images that will last a lifetime, but also to build lasting relationships with each and every client that crosses our path.

Are you newly engaged? Expecting a new addition? Or simply just wanting to capture this chapter in your life?

Well, you're in the right place!

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Most sessions are held at local parks or event venues that cater to each client's vision and wishes. But if you have a special location request? A destination wedding? Anything you can think of - we are here to meet your needs and capture the vision you have for your images.

Located in Wendell, North Carolina 
Serving our community and surrounding areas; along with traveling to any destination to capture your special occassion.

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Her work is gorgeous and delicate and features the beautiful natural scenery of California. Actually plaid single-origin coffee waistcoat poutine normcore venmo pinterest. Church-key celiac edison bulb williamsburg tousled, street art raclette shabby chic PBR&B squid godard fingerstache tacos kogi roof party. Authentic unicorn 90's cornhole gentrify.

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Hi there! This template features the photography of Yana Matosian, a San Diego based photographer with a focus on families, children and maternity. 

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